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A cure for erectile dysfunction

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What is SwissWave?

 SwissWave Protocol is a series of short painless treatments to the penis using pulsating acoustical sound waves --- AWT --- Acoustical Wave Therapy. Applied at SwissWave in Indianapolis, It opens the blood vessels in the penis which is essential for a firm, rigid erection, and also stimulates the nerve endings to greatly enhance sensitivity.

New Technology

SwissWave was developed in Europe and is considered the "Gold Standard" for ED treatment according to the European Association of Urology. It is now FDA approved in the United States! This is the leading treatment in Europe for ED, it is utilized before any medications or alternate treatment!

A Safe Approach

  • There are no lasting or harmful side effects.
  • No needles, no medication and no surgeries.
  • A long-term resolution for erectile dysfunction.

How We Help

The SwissWave Protocol

As men age, the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis begin to breakdown and/or collapse. Good blood flow is essential for a firm erection. The SwissWave Protocol opens existing blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels as well.

The Facts

The SwissWave Protocol uses electromagnetic and accoustical pulse waves to open existing blood vessels, as well as growing new blood vesels (angiogenisis), stimulate stem cells for new erectile tissues, and stimulate the nerves to bring back the full and lasting feeling of having a firm, rigid, and sensitive erection.

Chronic Issues

Not only does the SwissWave protocol help with male performance enhancement, but it is also used to treat other conditions of the penis as well, such as Peyronie's disease.

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